Unit 4 Pre-Lab Check

Unit 4 Learning Targets

This is the end of Unit 4! You are free to move onto the Unit 4 Labs, but before you do, please review the learning targets for Unit 4 and make sure you are comfortable with them.

  1. I can identify parts of a function header.
  2. I can create functions to perform a given task.
  3. I can pass data to functions using arguments.
  4. I can utilize functions that return values.
  5. I can understand the scope of a variable.
  6. I can reference global variables within functions.
  7. I can understand the value representation of a function.
  8. I can predict function code execution.
  9. I can write thorough tests for functions.
  10. I can write functions that call other functions.
  11. I can explain how the call stack works.
  12. I can design programs with maximum readability and maintainability.
  13. I can use pseudocode to plan out an algorithm/solution to a problem.
  14. I can break down problems through decomposition and describe its role in computational thinking.
  15. I can implement abstraction through functions and describe its role in computational thinking.
  16. I can incorporate main functions into my code.
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