Unit 3 Pre-Lab Check

Unit 3 Learning Targets

This is the end of Unit 3! You are free to move onto the Unit 3 Labs, but before you do, please review the learning targets for Unit 3 and make sure you are comfortable with them.

  1. I can differentiate between semantic, runtime, and syntax errors.
  2. I can interpret error messages to debug code.
  3. I can document my code with appropriate comments.
  4. I can use good naming conventions with variables.
  5. I can know when to use variables instead of hard-coding numbers.
  6. I can use for loops to repeat a set of instructions.
  7. I can use the range function to generate a specific list of numbers.
  8. I can use for loops to iterate over a range of numbers.
  9. I can write an accumulator algorithm.
  10. I can use while loops to repeat a set of instructions.
  11. I can ensure that my while loop does not run forever.
  12. I can use the break keyword to end a loop early.
  13. I can use for-else loops to test whether a for loop has completed or not.
  14. I can use the random module to generate random numbers.
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